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Richard Attenborough RIP

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Like most people waking up on this miserable day, the bank holiday felt even more downbeat with the announcement of the passing of Lord Attenborough – a man who definitely deserved his knighthood unlike so many these days. Rare for me to encounter such an… Read More »Richard Attenborough RIP

The Metro Interview

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Lots of texts and emails from friends and family about Tom’s interview in the Metro today – and not London bound myself today, I might not have seen it. An interview that I have done myself in the past – and an interview for Tom… Read More »The Metro Interview


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A rare thing this week in the Holland household when the entire family watched and love a TV show. No not Sherlock but Splash – watched on catch-up TV which comes without adverts and begs the question, why does anyone watch anything in real time… Read More »Splash

They’re all at it…

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For those of you who have read this blog from its inception – or have read my book, how tom holland eclipsed his dad – you might forgive me now for taking Tom and my strange family life a little bit for granted. I have long since dealt… Read More »They’re all at it…

How did I miss this?

Last night was a brilliant snap shot in to my life. A mate of mine was around with the DVD version of my downloadable stand-up show called - Dominic Holland is alive in Tring. My mate shoved on the DVD version – Nikki and the boys chucked their opinions in and… Read More »How did I miss this?

A perfect irony?

Nice of the producers of The Impossible to release the DVD on my birthday (yesterday).  It made for an exciting trip to HMV. The whole family were in tow but Tom and I went up to the counter together. I half wondered if he might get… Read More »A perfect irony?

Empire Building

Last night was full of mixed emotions for me. Pride that my son should win an award. Well done Tom. Bemusement to be in a room full of film luminaries who belong to an exclusive club that I have never managed to join myself despite… Read More »Empire Building

Radio 4 Controversy

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This Saturday morning I was alerted by three answerphone messages that Tom had featured on the BBC’s Today programme in a feature of children being exploited. Understandably concerned and possibly angry I fired up my PC. Lil Poopy anyone? No, me neither. He is a… Read More »Radio 4 Controversy

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