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How fashion herds us all

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  Below is an extract from – how tom holland Eclipsed his dad  I have never been a cool person. I am not trendy. I have nothing pierced. The only metal in my face are my fillings. I have no tattoos. I’ve never dyed my… Read More »How fashion herds us all

Caan Gate

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Oh dear, James Caan – under the auspices of a politician has fallen victim to the classic – do as I say and not as I do – when he urged parents not to give a leg up to their kids. It has since been… Read More »Caan Gate

Hello hello hello…

Our front door bell doesn’t work. Or rather it does work but it goes off all the time – or that local kids are playing knock down ginger on us all day long. Either way, we have unplugged the bloody bell and now rely on a note requesting… Read More »Hello hello hello…

No night off…

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With no gig last night, at 4pm yesterday I was planning to watch the football with my boys and then have a night in. My wife was taking photographs at a local school ball and asked whether I might like to come along and help.… Read More »No night off…

The Fan and the Fox

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All musicals have a core of dedicated fans – many of whom watch ‘their chosen’ show more than is normal, at least from an economic perspective. Billy Elliot has a legion of such devotees calling themselves the Billy Elliot Forum. Over the years of Tom doing… Read More »The Fan and the Fox

A perfect irony?

Nice of the producers of The Impossible to release the DVD on my birthday (yesterday).  It made for an exciting trip to HMV. The whole family were in tow but Tom and I went up to the counter together. I half wondered if he might get… Read More »A perfect irony?