The Ripple Effect

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Dominic’s second novel which was The Sunday Times’ ‘book of the week’ and they described as ‘funny, gripping and hard to put down. What more do you want from a novel?’

The story hinges on a rogue doughnut. A jam doughnut with no jam! And the havoc it wreaks in the wrong hands.

It’s a story that had been ruminating in my head for some years and well before I ever imagined that I might one day write it in to a novel.

So how did it evolve?

My wife’s cousin is something of a rogue. Always up to no good and getting in to scrapes. Over coffee one morning, he explained that he used to work in a bakery and was in charge of a machine injecting jam in to doughnuts. He went on to explain that when he was in a bad mood at work, he would omit to put any jam in to a random batch of doughnuts… and from here, my imagination took over as I thought, what if

What if one of these jam-less jam doughnuts were to set off a ripple of anger? One seemingly innocuous event or incident leading to another of increasing consequences, eventually consuming Parliament and the whole country – before returning full circle to impact on the operative?

This is that story. Probably the funniest book I have written and if you come to it, then I hope you have as much fun reading it, as I did writing it.

Media Praise

“Funny, gripping and hard to put down – what more do you want from a novel”
The Sunday Times

“There are some wonderfully funny set pieces in this endearing story of English grit”
The Times

“Holland has done it again. Another comic gem.”
Western Mail

“Only in America was a step in the right direction, but The Ripple Effect herald’s Holland emergence in to the literary big time”
The Sunday Times

“Packed with twist and turns, plus one final surprise. It’s a great read”
The Birmingham Post

“Weird, witty and proof that Holland is a master of comedy”
Yorkshire Evening Press

“Not every stand-up comedian manages to be as funny in print as they are on stage. Dominic Holland is one of the few who is”
Liverpool Daily Post

“A joyous British romp – The Ripple Effect is an Ealing comedy for the 21st Century”
Alan Coren

Reader comments

“A fantastic book that I couldn’t put down. Very funny”
John Greenstead *****

“Clever, funny with a great ending. I flew through it. Highly recommended”
J Lenehan *****

“it’s laugh out loud funny and I have recommended and given it to many friends”
Lob *****

“as a holiday read, I was caught in that trap of not being able to put it down”
Andrew Smith *****

“Thoroughly enjoyed this very funny novel”
Barbie *****

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