We’re gonna need a bigger ground floor…

In the Holland household, we have 12 individual feet all requiring slippers, trainers, formal shoes, causal shoes, boots, walking shoes, sports shoes…

This means that our house is full of shoes. Supposedly all shoes must remain on the ground floor – a rule conceived by the owners of the house but which has needed to be relaxed since the two dedicated shoe cupboards are overflowing and an emergency whicker basket which was added is now also overwhelmed.

This morning, a delivery man arrives. As busy as he is, he still has a warm smile for me. I don’t know, maybe he knows who the large box is for? A delivery for Tom (who else?) who isn’t even here at the moment. I sign for it and open the box. A gift from one of the world’s foremost sports brands who clearly have no idea how to curry favour with the owner of the house and (still) head of the Holland household. It’s a box of bloody shoes!

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  1. Carla September 30, 2019

    Well, I say, there’s no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes ;P !

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