Dominic Holland is an award winning professional stand-up comedian, author of 5 novels and one-fiction book with countless TV and Radio appearances to his name and yet despite this, he is now best known for being the dad of his eldest son, Tom. Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man in thetres across the word. Which explains why Dominic's work of non-fiction is called Eclipsed.

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Let’s save a strangers life…

Some people are better than others at pushing themselves and their wares on-line. It seems that the more brazen the person is, the better the results – and so perhaps I should be pleased with my meagre success in this arena. Certainly my pushing is always gentle – a ‘funny’ blog with a covert suggestion […]

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I am arresting you…

Three boutique cinemas packed with children and their families who have been/are going through… some very tough experiences. People who were mostly invited by charities that the Brothers Trust have supported (Debra and Momentum), others through Make a Wish, GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) and some who were invited more organically. Circa 120 people in […]


The boy (man) is back in town…

Finally, welcome to my new site… as torturous an experience I can recall until the last two days, loading the manuscript and jacket of I,Gabriel on to various on-line book publishing platforms – harder in fact that writing the blinking book. This site is designed with ease and accessibility in mind, for instance, the comments […]


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