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Dominic Holland is an award winning professional stand-up comedian, author of five novels and one-fiction book, with countless TV and Radio appearances to his name and yet, despite all this he is now best known for being the dad of his eldest son, Tom. Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man in theatres across the world - which explains why Dominic's only work of non-fiction is called Eclipsed.

Available now: Takes on Life Vol.1

His second non-fiction book which he fully expects to be his breakthrough in to the literary big time. If you are sighing at this, then imagine the grinding reality of being Nikki Holland, his wife.

A book to make you laugh, smile, think and make you realise that it is not just you. You are not alone. An unintentional self-help book but that actually does help and does so without the aching worthiness.


Takes on Life Vol.1 is also available on Amazon as a hardcover or paperback


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Live Show Reviews

Jan Szmigin


“Professional in every aspect…”

I can’t imagine engaging anyone else as helpful or easy to work with. Professional in every aspect of our dealings, he told us not to worry at the very start, and that’s how it was. Our event was such a great success and we were delighted.

Chichester Development Trust

Absolutely exceptional!

Dominic Holland’s gig for CCDT was absolutely exceptional. The delivery of his set was like a masterclass in comic timing and the content was hysterical. Dominic read the audience perfectly and had everybody – people of all ages – rocking with laughter from the beginning. An enormous talent. He also empowered us to raise a staggering £1,500 for a local community project through our share of the box office, a raffle that he supported and the takings from the bar. In one evening Dominic managed to bring the community together, lighten our lives and lift a new project off the ground – not bad for a night’s work! Thank you Dominic – a brilliant night for us all.

David Ratcliffe

“Extremely polished and very professional”

Dominic hosted the awards dinner at our annual supplier conference, which was a very special occasion this year with it being our 60th anniversary. He was absolutely superb, extremely polished and very professional, entertaining the 350 strong audience throughout the evening. A great link with our lady magician provided some especially funny moments and the comedy was really clever, witty and insightful, ensuring the whole room couldn’t stop laughing! The supplier awards were presented with a perfect blend of sincerity and fun which was appreciated by all”. Highly recommended!

Stella Landau, Events Manager, Suzanne Howe Communications

The guy is hilarious!

2020 Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards

Dominic is a joy to work with. He’s a seasoned professional and by booking him as your host you know your event is in safe hands. His down to earth approach with the event team and our client put everyone at ease. On top of that, his work ethic is brilliant, he’s clearly dedicated to his craft and he read the audience perfectly. Last but not least – the guy is hilarious!

Shalini Sharma

“Dominic did a fantastic job…”

Dominic Holland was great to work with. He clearly puts in lot of effort and time in understanding the event, the industry and the audience to be able to give perfect output for the event. This time it was the virtual event and a very first experience for us and for Dominic aswell. However, Dominic did a fantastic job and we were pleased with his performance and his ability to get the audience inspired and share their views.

Alex Evans

“Perfect balance between relevance and irreverence”

A very safe pair of hands, Dominic Holland clearly puts time in to understanding the event and the industry to find that perfect balance between relevance and irreverence. Most importantly, he makes people laugh and puts everyone at ease. Perfect for our inaugural Growth Investor Awards.

Paul Chandler

“A wonderful balance of inclusivity and edginess”

Dom managed to strike a wonderful balance of inclusivity and edginess with his material. Great audience interaction, mixed with classic, relevant stand-up material. With a sketchy brief, Dom picked out the key themes and elements to engage the audience perfectly. Highly recommended.

Phil Cooper


“Exceeded our expectations in every respect…”

Dom came highly recommended from the several agencies that we approached for our after lunch speaker at the annual Derby Interact Xmas luncheon. He exceeded our expectations in every respect, holding the room of 450 ‘professionals’ with consummate ease – which is no mean feat. Following the event we have received rave reviews including comments such as ‘refreshingly different’ and ‘the best yet’.
One the many qualities that sets Dom apart is his unfaltering originality – and he most definitely is going to be a very hard act to follow.